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Blockchain Plays Leading Role in Germany’s Renewable Energy Evolution

Germany’s renewable energy push is taking shape as the country abandons coal and nuclear-based energy generation.

How the EU is using blockchain to build a citizen-centric European Internet

Since its early days blockchain has been heralded as the technology of decentralisation.

UK Economy Setback And Bitcoin’s Resilience

Bitcoin was born in early 2009, in the aftermath of a financial crisis, but until this year it had never actually bee

Blockchain Tech to Help Spanish Cider Makers Fight Counterfeits

Spanish cider makers are using blockchain to track the production of their beverages.

Shipping Giants Piloting Blockchain to Improve Efficiency

The Port of Rotterdam, along with global shipping giants, launches blockchain pilot to improve container handling’s s

Lithuania's central bank is releasing blockchain-based digital collector coin

The Bank of Lithuania, the country’s central bank, is set to issue coin ⁠— its blockchain-based digital collector coi

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