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Discover fintech solutions that drive performance
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MoonX trading app brings enterprise tech in the hands of individuals
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Our Solutions Highlight

World's Fastest Exchange Ecosystem built with enterprise standard financial technologies

For Individual Traders

For Individual Traders


Enterprise-level speed to buy, sell, and trade digital currency 

For Institutional Traders

For Institutional Traders


Suite of products for order conformity and liquidity

For Trade Exchanges

For Trade Exchanges


Go live faster with white-label exchange software solution 

For Enterprises

For Enterprises



Disruption-free blockchain that enhances business processes

MoonX Technological Achievements

Powerful Features Crafted for Financial Excellence

Prized technology and unexplored business opportunities, get the best of both world’s

Exchange Software
Exchange Software

Designed for exchanges, payments and banks

Highest Transactions Per Second (TPS)
Highest Transactions Per Second (TPS)

Delivering >20 Million TPS consistently

Lowest Latency
Lowest Latency

Your millions of $ are processed in less than 6 Nanoseconds

Unmatched Throughput
Unmatched Throughput

99.99% confirmed orders

Unmatched Savings, Unmatched Efficiency.

MoonX Exchange Software can save 70% of your cloud bill while delivering 150X efficiency


Rediscover the speed to buy, sell and trade digital currency

MoonX with its Speed, Security, Smartness, and Scalability – has raised the standards for what it takes to become a truly secure stock or cryptocurrency exchange in the world. As an agile fintech Startup, our made-to-measure approach enables us to propose a new generation of secure transactions and services rich and innovative experiences with simplicity and efficiency.

Easier KYC
Easier KYC
Native App with 14 Languages
Native App with 14 Languages
Leverage Trading, Options, Futures
Leverage Trading, Options, Futures
High Frequency Trades
High Frequency Trades
Shop for Digital Currency, Forex, FIAT
Shop for Digital Currency, Forex, FIAT

MoonX Suite of Products & Services

For Financial Institutions

Exchange Software



20 million transactions in 1 second is now a Reality!


What you see is what you get! We deliver 20 million transaction packages under 1 second. The price for all your pairs/ instruments are matched well within 6 nanoseconds. So fast, that by the time light travels just 1.8 metres distance, your order is processed. Our nearest competitor is 150 times slower than us. That means, traders can place a minimum of 150 times more orders in the same time frame. Read More

Custodial Services



Military-grade protection for your blockchain assets


We offer custodial services for all major blockchain assets. Your blockchain assets are stored under a strong layer of protection and equipped with our patented technology, we can deliver your blockchain assets at an unmatched speed. Read More

Wallet Soluton



Smartly engineered for businesses to go live faster


Crafted for Stock & Commodity Exchanges, Blockchain Assets Exchanges, Forex Traders, Banks, OTC’s & Brokers. MoonX brings technologically advanced features packed in one very powerful wallet. It’s the wallet solution that gives you the power to do more. Read More

Security Consulting



Driving security services to perfection


We hold 200+ years of combined experience at the highest levels in the world’s leading BFSI companies. Our team has held top positions at the world’s largest stock /commodity/blockchain asset exchanges, From consulting to on-time delivery of hardware systems, we are making perfection a new normal. Read More

Risk Management System



Brains behind minimising your financial risk


Mitigate your risk for Futures, Leverage and Options with our powerful AI-based financial risk automation tool-kit. Our quest is to minimise your financial risk and keep your business protected and pro-active against financial risks. Read More

NOC/SOC Services



We Connect, You Win


We offer setting up of best-in-class end-to-end process and the application of both manual processes & AI-based automated advance algorithms for smart surveillance Read More





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Have Questions? Find Answers

New to cryptocurrency?  No problem. Digital assets may seem confusing, but we're here to help.

Our crypto guides will help get you up to speed.

While the concept is simple, we know that aspects of cryptocurrency can seem a bit complex.

Our resource centre will help guide you through the basics of trading digital assets and how it's changing the way the world thinks about money and finance.

Learn more about cryptocurrency

So you’re new to MoonX? No problem. We make it safe and simple to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

From day one, we designed and built MoonX for newcomers and experts alike. 

Just as you, we're excited about helping people discover the world of crypto and expand their portfolios to include other digital assets.

Learn how to start trading on MoonX

One platform. A sea of possibilities. We offer a wide selection of cryptocurrencies from privacy coins to platform tokens.

We have the assets. With numerous currency pairs to choose from, we provide one of the largest selections of coins to buy, sell and trade -- with new assets added frequently.

See all our token offerings

Your business solution for crypto.

With the highest available API and funding limits, priority onboarding and access to MoonX's complimentary Account Management service, our institutional accounts are great for:

  • Investment Banks, Brokers & FCMs
  • Mutual, pension and hedge funds
  • Insurance Firms, Endowments and other Asset Managers
  • Proprietary Trading Firms, High-frequency Trading Firms, Algorithmic Trading Firms
  • Crypto-related business, ATMs, Crypto Payroll, Wallet Services

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We beat every major Exchange Software in the world in every single category.
Why Just few products? We are equipped to build a global ecosystem for you!
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MoonX has built 'World's Fastest Trading & Banking Ecosystem' and enabling blockchain excellence to conquer the cost, control & compliance like never before! Incorporated as an engineering powerhouse for fintech excellence, MoonX is making trading and banking in modern financial markets speedy, secure, scalable, and smart with the power of enterprise standard financial technologies. MoonX has developed cutting-edge "Blockchain Technology" capabilities to lead the way to a disruptive future powered by transparency, security, decentralization, and productivity. By meticulously crafting bespoke blockchain solutions using continuous testing, we drive quantum leaps in efficiency and innovation to set higher industry benchmarks for Enterprises & Governments. Currently, the fintech startup offers a suite of exchange technology solutions customized for banks (BFSI), payment service providers, stock/crypto exchanges, CBDC, IT security services, manufacturing, and more. Come, Let's explore the future of blockchain with MoonX and create value for you, your clients, and the world around us!